Who WE are ?


We are a solution provider in design and productions services with  ECO factories together !



With ;
  • Reliable in production

  • Sustainable in work process

  • Innovators of sourcing & design

  • Focus on the target cost

Announcement that consumer is our best partners   

IRM focus on the solutions of  customer needs with  production partner

Our SPEED sourcing connecting cultural trends with the clients needs.. Our cost team  , Continuously improving the ways in which delivers products at the best possible price for our customers …Our, Progressing  by giving importance to environment and human health by producer.IRM commitment   to serve the best of consumer satisfaction.

Our goals

We want to offer deep  expertise from design/ sourcing  to final delivery. We would like to work closely long-term relationships based on trusting,with all transparency.

We believe that our business integrity will leads us to success together

Attitude ,

We all start with letting people be themselves. We are informal while professional, and we are all about mixing fun with commercial nous.

It’s not only our products but our partner who drive our success

Our costumers or partners or team must be pleased on our friendly attitute.Good communication bring us to good solutions. Friendly attitude are at the heart of everything we do.